Swami Lushbeard “All About You” – review by Broken 8 Records

Swami Lushbeard "All About You" - review by Broken 8 Records

It’s always a refreshing change of pace when a band pop’s up on our radar without the traditional ‘The Something’s’ style of name, but when it comes L.A.’s Swami Lushbeard, they’ve taken things to a whole new level. In true style, their music is just as unique, entertaining, and memorable as their name, and while previous singles ‘Enemy’ and ‘The Truth’ might have set fire to 2020, it’s the supercharged sounds and shifting moods of ‘All About You’ that has really caught our attention.

A stunning third single that perfectly illustrates the five-piece’s unique rock sound, ‘All About You’ maintains the consistency and cohesion of their last few releases, while also creating an impeccably sharp atmosphere that builds on their critically acclaimed sound. Taking aim at the self-involved climate of our current day and age, the new single is an explosive maelstrom of multi-layered melodies, gripping harmonies, and tantalizing hooks that is sure to impress even the most stubborn of listeners.

"Opening with a burst of dirty, ‘90s grunge, ‘All About You’ hits hard and then keeps on hitting, progressing into a sharp, caustic arrangement of smart progressive rock sounds."

Shifting through a revolving medley of brash, but brilliantly emotive sounds, the song seamlessly transitions to a more jazz-inspired piano refrain and immersive synth solo, proving once and for all that Swami Lushbeard are one of the most diverse and fiercely creative bands around.

Ending with a fiery guitar solo and plenty of expert musicianship, the single leaves a scorching trail of poignant, enjoyable, and completely undeniable rock destruction. You can tune in to the new single below via Spotify.

Also available on Soundcloud, ‘All About You’ is a stunning introduction to Swami Lushbeard for the uninitiated, but also a dynamic and shifting glimpse into their upcoming EP, which promises to entice listeners all around the globe with “stunning instrumentation, bold harmonies, thought-provoking lyricism, and the undeniable charisma [that the band] share between them”.