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Crossradar reviews ‘Blood is Sicker than Water’

Crossradar reviews ‘Blood is Sicker than Water’

Crossradar reviews ‘Blood is Sicker than Water’

Following up on their previous 2014 single “Where The Sleep Are Led”, L.A. based rockers Swami Lushbeard are back with their latest EP, “Blood Is Sicker Than Water”.

Opening with ‘Haunted’ there is an immediate hit of alternative rock, with a mature flavour running through the track. The swirling, phaser-laden guitars give something of a post-grunge vibe, while the gutsy vocals and accompanying harmonies add some grit and colour.

‘Twist & Shout’ offers a more eerie and introspective feel, with a wandering guitar riff and glacial piano notes that flutter in the background, before the track goes on to unfurl with its own sense of drama, telling its story and painting its picture with its rich tones.

Closing track ‘F.E.A.R.’ offers a bold and brash sound, with some old school swirling organs and spluttering guitars that come together to create a classic rock tone that is utterly pleasing and a track that urges the listener to tap their toes.

Blood Is Sicker Than Water is a carefully compiled package, with its three songs having been well crafted to show the work of a band who without a doubt have a whole lot more to offer. Turn it on, turn it up, rock out. Re-Posted… for original article by Chris Marsh go to crossradar.com