Swami Lushbeard “Let’s Collude” – a theme to Real Truth About

Swami Lushbeard "Let's Collude" - a theme to Real Truth About
A good friend of ours came to us last year and asked if we might be interested in writing a theme song for his new TV Pilot/Web Series. We hadn’t really dabbled in anything outside material for the band ever, so we thought at first, “are we really doing this?”.  As is turned out why yes, we did!
Real Truth About” was being lauded as an everyday man’s go to fact-checking-and-fact-finding-wiki for all things true in the world. A genuine force for good that we could not stand down nor standby. We had to get in there and do something and so “Let’s Collude” was born. The song came to life while viewing the trailer for the climate change episode, so it mostly touches upon that subject matter.
The spirit of “Let’s Collude” is a positive one. Namely, if asshole’s collude to destroy the planet then why can’t we gather our forces and fight back? We think it’s a noble cause and we’re always happy to be of service to the Truth! We’re releasing “Let’s Collude” as a B-Side in advance of our next single “All About You”.