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Be sure to add ‘#Enemy’ to your weekday playlist this week – a FVMusicBlog Review

Be sure to add ‘#Enemy’ to your weekday playlist this week - a FVMusicBlog Review

Los Angeles based band Swami Lushbeard, are back with their fantastic latest single, ‘#Enemy’. It is an addictive listen with catchy melodies throughout.

A hard riff-driven, rock feel opens the single. A driving and pulsating sound emerges, and the listener’s interest is effortlessly captured. Layered vocals fill the sonic spectrum, and the catchy melodies are infectious. We loved the lyrical content that gives the single weight, and the stunning instrumental solo’s are filled with passion and heart. 

Swami Lushbeard says, “Amidst the most divided point in time that the world has ever known, Swami Lushbeard is bringing the people together. With a bold reminder that although it’s not always the same target shared between us, we all have an ‘#Enemy’ in common.” They continue, “Whether the ‘#Enemy’ is coming from the left or the right of an icy political divide, designed to break the spirit of humanity or the #Enemy represents silent killers like the Coronavirus epidemic, this wild & exciting new ride from Swami Lushbeard will have you questioning who the heroes are just as much as the villains.”

Comprised of band members Don Sprouls (Guitar, Vocals), Ian Michaels (Drums), M@ Sachs (Keys), Greg Safel (Harmony Vocals), and Darren Scholtz (Bass), Swami Lushbeard are a band filled with excellent musicians. Together they have created a single which is destined to stand the test of time and win them an army of new fans too.

‘#Enemy’ was officially released on 1st April 2020, it is available to stream now. It has been taken from their upcoming EP, due for release later this year. Be sure to add ‘#Enemy’ to your weekday playlist this week. Swami Lushbeard are an awesome band who need to be heard! 

Originally posted on FVMusicBlog