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The reviews are in…

The reviews are in...

Early Quotes on "Blood is Sicker than Water"

Swami Lushbeard makes great music and writes a fantastic tune – and ANY track you could select from their new Blood Is Sicker Than Water EP would be all the proof of that you’d need.

It’s brilliant musicianship, and the sort of songwriting that really uses the music – incorpo-rates every instrumental moment into the story – as opposed to merely resting the lyrics and the melodies on top of some chords.

Blood Is Sicker Than Water is a carefully compiled package, with its three songs having been well crafted to show the work of a band who without a doubt have a whole lot more to offer. Turn it on, turn it up, rock out.

Somehow, I sense that this EP is important and should not be overlooked, even if you are for some obscure reason, not already a Swami Lushbeard fan.

There’s a lot to dig about ‘Blood Is Sicker Than Water.’ It’s a very well crafted independent rock EP that does what many can’t: it gets to the point.

Thank you all for listening… it’s great to know so many of you heard what we’re trying to say!