The reviews are in…

The reviews are in...

Early Quotes on "Blood is Sicker than Water"

Swami Lushbeard makes great music and writes a fantastic tune – and ANY track you could select from their new Blood Is Sicker Than Water EP would be all the proof of that you’d need.

Jeremy Gladstone -

It’s brilliant musicianship, and the sort of songwriting that really uses the music – incorpo-rates every instrumental moment into the story – as opposed to merely resting the lyrics and the melodies on top of some chords.

Rebecca Cullen -

Blood Is Sicker Than Water is a carefully compiled package, with its three songs having been well crafted to show the work of a band who without a doubt have a whole lot more to offer. Turn it on, turn it up, rock out.

Chris Marsh -

Somehow, I sense that this EP is important and should not be overlooked, even if you are for some obscure reason, not already a Swami Lushbeard fan.

Rick Jamm -

There’s a lot to dig about ‘Blood Is Sicker Than Water.’ It’s a very well crafted independent rock EP that does what many can’t: it gets to the point.

Brett David Stewart - Independent Spotlight
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