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The Deep End: Studio Updates

The Deep End: Studio Updates

Hey there people,

It’s been a few weeks or three and we’re well on our way to a little down time. We’ve made some great progress, but not without a spell of setbacks. Fortunately, we’re readily aware of just how fortunate we all are; in the Studio and outside in the world.

Here’s the Setup…

We’ve now spent 4 entire days in Deep End Music Studios and we couldn’t be more happy. The room, the gear and the atmosphere are first class all the way!  Kenny, the owner/manager has shown us a great deal of hospitality and more than a fair share of patience. It’s hard to leave that place at the end of the day and we’re looking forward to getting back there as soon as possible.

Now the Setbacks…

Both M@ and Darren are down for the count …

Darren, to whom the ever-present and ubiquitous moniker of “One-Take-Jake” had just been bestowed, zigged instead of zagging and all the new shiny metal he just had installed decided to depart early. He’s walking with a cane and on the mend, but taking it easy.

M@…. having just completed 5 songs in 1,000 pounds of keys, got into a real “Joey Chitwood” thrill show fender bender on the 405 while riding his motorcycle. Fortunately, (yes there are many of these in our story) he’s ok, but way worse off for it. He’s had surgery on his leg and will hopefully be kicking more ass very soon!

What’s next?

One more day in the Deep End when the fellows can hobble back up to Burbank!

More to come…