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LNN Special Report: Kickstarter 2019 (Full)

Swami Lushbeard discuss their first official Kickstarter Campaign. For more info on our Kickstarter go to http://bit.ly/SwamiKickstarter Songs matter… We started Swami Lushbeard with one guitar, a piano and an idea that songs matter more than anything else. Since our very beginning, everything we’ve created has been in service to the song itself and focused on the story that’s being told. We’re ready to celebrate that and challenge ourselves like never before in 2019. We are releasing our next EP, one song at a time. There are 5* brand new numbers ready to record and plans to release one new single a month till the official record release date (TBD). At the start of this journey the new record is still untitled, but have no fear. The title for almost every record we’ve ever done has come organically through the result of our recording process. We can’t wait for this next one to reveal itself. By contributing to our Kickstarter campaign, you not only help us make this record in the best way we know how, but you also help the music industry get a bit more woke to the fact that Rock is still thriving, alive and kicking in the hearts of music fans everywhere. Words matter… Especially today where “The Truth” depends on where you get your news from and not on whom you speak to. Our new record is inspired by the endless stereo monologues we endure these days and sonically ready to aggressively combat disinformation on all fronts. This seemingly newfound freedom to point the finger and give the finger to any and all who’d disagree with us has never been more accepted or on display – as a band we’re fighting back, with words, music, and songs that truly matter at a time where the world needs artists, bands, and musicians more than ever before. Your help through this campaign will contribute to our sincere efforts to separate fiction from facts and bring real songwriting with depth & killer musicianship back to the forefront of Rock.