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For the Record…

For the Record...

For the Record...


Our long time friend, collaborator and certified genius, Curt Piar had parted ways with his former studio and so left us homeless for a while. Well… actually just, “Studioless”.

It was easy then to be filled with equal parts of great relief and enthusiasm when we met one, Antoine Arvizu and he offered us a few days in his legendary Compound Studio to make a our new record. The Compound, while nondescript on the outside is anything but that on the inside. The place was made to make music in and with Antoine on board; there was no shortage of great techniques and awesome tones to be had. Rock n Roll ensued.

We spent the end of the summer to the start of the holidays on a musical journey of mixes and miles and the Universe seemed to smile upon us. Little did we know at the start, but by the end of the record we would be reunited with Curt and together with his help were able to make “Blood is Sicker than Water” shine more than we ever thought possible.

We couldn’t have done it without the amazing work and contributions of both these guys!

The Compound Studio


Curt Piar Music Productions