• Single, release 2010

Track list:

1. Nutshell


Liner notes:

This is our take on Nutshell by Alice in Chains. This was recorded during the “Who You Were?” Acoustic Sessions EP but, left off the record once the choice was made to release our acoustic rendition of Breaking The Law. This has always been a favorite and we could only hope that our appreciation for the band and the song shines through.

  • Nutshell
  • Don Sprouls - Lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
  • Danny Kopel - Piano
  • Andre Howie - Bass guitar
  • Craig Fredrics - Djembe
  • Curt Piar - Percussion
  • Written by Jerry Cantrell, Mike Inez, Sean Kinney & Layne Staley
  • Production
  • Recorded at Proving Ground Studios (I) - Simi Valley, Ca.
  • Engineered, mixed and mastered by Curt Piar
  • Additional mixing by Don Sprouls
  • Produced by Don Sprouls