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  Swami Lushbeard is proof that great music still exists!

Tom Slick - Deejay & Host - Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz

  Somehow, I sense that this EP is important and should not be overlooked, even if you are for some obscure reason, not already a Swami Lushbeard fan.

Rick Jamm - www.tunedloud.com

  Blood Is Sicker Than Water is a carefully compiled package, with its three songs having been well crafted to show the work of a band who without a doubt have a whole lot more to offer.

Chris Marsh - www.crossradar.com

  It’s brilliant musicianship, and the sort of songwriting that really uses the music – incorporates every instrumental moment into the story – as opposed to merely resting the lyrics and the melodies on top of some chords.

Rebecca Cullen - www.stereostickman.com

  There’s a lot to dig about ‘Blood Is Sicker Than Water.’ It’s a very well crafted independent rock EP that does what many can’t: it gets to the point.

Brett David Stewart - www.brettdavidstewart.com

  Listening to Swami Lushbeard will only expand your musical horizons as this band does not stick to musical norms as many musicians seem to do today.

Jordan Mafi - Music Blogger

  There is clearly an overabundance of talent that lies within this group.

Rhonda Readence - Music Reviewer / Blogger

  While the mainstream is desperately seeking out the next trendsetter, Swami Lushbeard keep busy making great rock and roll on their own terms.

Rick Jamm - Staff Writer, www.jamsphere.com

  It is almost impossible to classify the music of Swami Lushbeard by genre.

Tom Lohrmann - Musician / Blogger

  With brilliant and relevant lyrics which speak to our daily struggles & dreams, Swami Lushbeard takes it to the next level with a welcomed and refreshed take on rock & roll music, which is not commonly found as it once was.

Randy Warner - R-Train Management


LA-based rock band Swami Lushbeard has become synonymous with the pure spirit of Rock. Humble and proficient players, who flip the switch into overdrive the very moment they step onstage, they’re a celebrated staple of the LA music-scene that has been featured at the most prominent venues throughout the city, always delivering their fiery brand of sound through an unforgettable experience in LIVE music that keeps the people coming back time & again. From the studio to the stage, Swami Lushbeard bring their A-game with them wherever they go. Five pieces strong, built on thick grooves, rich harmonies, and a genuine desire to make great music – they’ve got an entire catalog filled with critically-acclaimed tunes. From their savage singles available online, wild full-length debut & multiple EPs, including their latest sonic-adventure, “Blood is Sicker than Water”, they’re guaranteed to make an impression through music designed to make you think every bit as much as make you move! Swami Lushbeard have built upon their history & refined their sound at every step of the way… and now with a new revitalized lineup, they’re more inspired & ready to bring it like never before.

Swami Lushbeard is an American rock band founded in Los Angeles, California. The band is composed of singer/guitarist Don Sprouls, drummer Ian Michaels, keyboardist Matt Sachs, bass guitarist Darren Scholtz and backing vocalist Greg Safel. Their latest EP, titled “Blood is Sicker than Water” is available on Apple Music and everywhere music is streamed or sold.

From their home base in Los Angeles, Ca., the multi-talented Swami Lushbeard blazed onto the music-scene in 2009 with their critically-acclaimed debut-album, “Who You Were?” With their soon-to-be signature blend of raw & gritty rock, combined with a lush and genuinely melodic style of song-writing; their confident approach to both the stage and the studio quickly put this L.A. based band on the radar of music-fans both locally and worldwide.

The following years continued to see an increase in their productivity and creativity as Swami Lushbeard went on to release the “Who You Were? (Acoustic Sessions)” EP (2010), the “Every Inch” single (2011) and “A Burning Desire” EP (2013) – all recorded with original band members, including former bass player Andre Howie and dear friend and founding member Danny Kopel, who sadly passed-on in the summer of 2013. Though adjusting to the loss will never be easy – the memory of Danny lives on strongly through the continued efforts of Swami Lushbeard’s perseverance and journey forward.

At the core of Swami Lushbeard today are two brothers: M@ Sachs (Keyboards) and Ian Michaels (Drums) along with founding member and chief songwriter Don Sprouls (Vocals & Guitar). With the recent addition of Greg Safel (harmony vocals) and Darren Scholtz (Bass), the band feels like they’re finally realizing their potential. Humble, authentic and honest rockers who flip the switch into overdrive the moment they step onstage – Swami Lushbeard has become a staple of entertainment in the L.A. rock-scene, and their strikingly-vibrant brand of Rock has been featured at some of the most prominent hot-spots, clubs, and venues that California has to offer.

The release of their 2014 single “Where The Sheep Are Led” renewed the strong-interest in the band. Met with enthusiasm from critics and fans alike, “Where The Sheep Are Led” has been featured, reviewed & played through a ton of respected online music-sources and radio-stations and the support revitalized the band’s creativity, imagination and passion to an all-time high.

With 2016 coming to close the band eagerly released its latest effort to rave reviews and accolades. Examining the strength of the bond between relationships both inside the bloodline & out – “Blood Is Sicker Than Water” represents some of the strongest material Swami Lushbeard has created to-date. With thought-provoking lyrics written to challenge your mind and test your mettle – the songs on the new EP are bound to make you think every bit as much as make you move. Built on steady & reliable grooves and hook-laden rock with boldly progressive ideas threaded into each tune – the music has never been more personal…yet so relatable to us all, important and REAL.

With music that focuses on versatile & spirited instrumentation, complex-but-relatable rhythms and rock-vocals that range from focused, sweetened-melodies to all-out raucous-rock mayhem – Swami Lushbeard continues to gain traction in their career with new-fans discovering them daily online from all over the world.

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