“The music of Swami Lushbeard re-ignites my passion for the classic rock I grew up with and still love; Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd… mixed with more recent classic rock such as Stone Temple Pilots. With brilliant and relevant lyrics which speak to our daily struggles & dreams, Swami Lushbeard takes it to the next level with a welcomed and refreshed take on rock & roll music, which is not commonly found as it once was”.
-Randy Warner, R-Train Management

ur story begins in Los Angeles at an airplane mock-up facility transformed into a rehearsal space. A few friends with a desire to be apart of something much larger than themselves gathered to make music. A good time was had by all and before any of us knew it we had started a new journey. There was talk of “Who You Were” and what you’ve shown the world. There were conversations about life and double-life. There was the idea of, not so much believing what you’ve seen, but in seeing what you believe. We were ready to commit art. We needed a way to describe what we felt right at that moment. We needed someone or something to guide us and show us the way; an all-inclusive idea that would match our desire to master our inner-selves while looking cool doing it.

Swami Lushbeard brings together two of rock n roll’s most beloved and essential instruments in ways that haven’t been touched upon in the recent musical climate. The piano and the guitar are featured throughout and not only do they intermingle with the lush harmonies of the melody, but break down and lend texture to the sinuous bass lines that interact with the drum beat.

Members of the group are from all regions of the country and incorporate their own style and influences into the band. Over the course of the last several years, we have been actively performing at venues throughout the Los Angeles area. We continue to grow musically and spiritually and we’re totally enthusiastic about what the future holds.

Swami Lushbeard is:

  • Don Sprouls (Philadelphia) – All guitars & vocals & backing vocals
  • M@ Sachs (Chicago) – Keys, Piano, Synth
  • Ian Michaels (Chicago) – Drums


*Andre Howie played bass with the band from 2010-15. His current whereabouts are unknown, but undoubtedly he’s laying down some killer grooves somewhere.
*Danny Kopel passed away in the summer of 2013. He played a huge role in our lives & our music and we feel he will always be a part of Swam Lushbeard.

What are people saying?

  • Their style of writing and level of execution really show that this is a band that will also be around for quite some time. Said very simply; short, sweet & worth the repeat.
    Jer, SBS
  • Listening to Swami Lushbeard will only expand your musical horizons as this band does not stick to musical norms as many musicians seem to do today. Check out A Burning Desire to feel what these guys feel and to explore yourself as well.
    Jordan Mafi, www.tunagemagazine.com
  • It is almost impossible to classify the music of Swami Lushbeard by genre. I heard many genres and eras in their material, making this EP a breath of fresh air in the world of over-produced, auto-tuned, computerized recordings.
    Tom Lohrmann, www.tomlohrmannmusic.com
  • Overall Swami Lushbeard is a powerfully strong unit and seem to have full control of their music, making everything sound really catchy and inspiring on “A Burning Desire”. 
    Rick Jamm, www.jamsphere.com
  • "Sometimes a band of talented musicians will have the same ideals in more than just music and great ideas can be hatched. This seems to be the situation with the fabulously named Swami Lushbeard."
    Indie Band Guru
  • "With brilliant and relevant lyrics which speak to our daily struggles & dreams, Swami Lushbeard takes it to the next level with a welcomed and refreshed take on rock & roll music, which is not commonly found as it once was".
    Randy Warner, R-Train Mgnt
  • “If Better Than Ezra was infused with the Stone Temple Pilots, Swami Lushbeard would be the result. Like a tidal wave that just keeps getting bigger, this band will flood your senses”.
    Tom Laurie, Erebus Entertainment
  • “With this album (Who You Were?) containing fourteen tracks of rock music that hit the hour mark, there are plenty of musical moments on the release that will make any pop/rock music lover happy".
    Matheson Kamin, Rock & Roll Report
  • “There is clearly an overabundance of talent that lies within this group. Their unique way of perceiving and playing music will endear them to listeners”.
    Rhonda Readence, Review You